I am a CIGNA Provider.  I accept EAP patients, Long Term Psychotherapy patients, and conduct diagnostic evaluations.

Thank you for choosing me as your psychotherapist/psychologist.

I will do everything in my power to provide you with the best service.

I Cannot Waive the Co-Pay or the Deductible, though I am often tempted to do so as I understand many folks simply cannot afford it, and they desperately need therapy.

However, some therapist have actually been sued for waiving co-pays and deductibles. Here is why:


  • Your agreement with CIGNA is a contract— this is is a legally binding agreement with you and your employer—if  I, as a  provider decide to waive patient deductibles and copays, then  I am reducing the your covered contractual financial obligation. Believe it or not, I can get in trouble for a few different legal reasons.
  • Basically,  waiving deductibles and copays,  interferes with the employer’s and/or individual’s contract with the insurance carrier—and that puts me at risk of being sued for damages.

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