Hi, my name is Barbara Bachmeier and I am a psychologist with over 20 years’ experience in the field of mental health across all levels of care. I have provided Individual, couples, family, and group counseling. I had brought my years of experience to the tele mental health world to offer the solution of time management and logistical issues to many individuals who might otherwise find it difficult to show up to their psychotherapy appointment and found much success with that approach. I have spend a large portion of my life facilitating overcoming the struggle with anxiety or pushing through depression, or one of the many emotionally debilitating mental health issues. Psychological and emotional pain is real, yet it can be managed and we can heal. This experience has brought me in touch with many intuitive, creative, and innovative individuals who, though are not suffering from a mental disorder, reach out for facilitation with breaking trough a variety of psychological, emotional or spiritual barriers , reaching a new level, gaining an expanded insight, or integrating their process. As a result of high demand, I have transitioned to providing psychological and psycho-spiritual consultation to creative, innovative, and motivated individuals who are interested in personal growth and/or in exploring their personal potential in the areas of business, artistic/creative development, personal/spiritual growth. This includes the facilitation of  proactive life design by holistically integrating all areas of one’s internal and external expression of personal life force as endowed by the Divine in gratitude to our Creator and Source.

I love my life. Life is a struggle sometimes, but it is supposed to be. That is how we learn and I believe this is classroom Earth. I love learning. I love spoiling my three dogs. I love the 4 seasons of California and going for long drives with my husband. For me, each day is a new day and a new beginning.

I am currently providing consultation and support for highly motivated innovative and creative people to are working through milestones and striving to reach their “next steps”. Many are entrepreneurs, many are focused on spiritual aspirations, and many are creators. Area of focus include

Psycho-Spiritual Consultation

Creativity Breakthrough

Work Life Balance, (including balancing inner/outer rhythms , mood management (anxiety and depression), relationship and family )

Life Mapping

Maxwell Leadership Masterminds

Holistic Integration

I currently provide clinical services through Spring Eternal Behavioral Health .  My Private practice is a Coaching Practice and NOT a Clinical Practice.



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